Wednesday, July 29, 2009

23 miles and almost got drenched

Missed a downpour by 5 minutes!

I did the medium SAS route today that's touted as 25 miles but I somehow end up with 23.3 every time. :) My average speed went up a little today to 16.6 from 16.2 last week. I was at almost 17 before the last couple of hills bit me.

Oh yeah, did the "break away" again, but only lead the main group by 5 minutes today. They still didn't catch me so I guess it's time to go ahead and ride out with them. I'll just have to suck it up while they pound through the first few miles that should be a warm-up.

The ride did start out a little bumpy. Dropped my chain at the light turning left onto Weston. This is a busy intersection where you really don't want to do that! Luckily there were some nice motorists who let me recover and pedal through.
Then, later on Weston there was some construction where they created about 6 "speed bumps" spaced about 20 feet apart. Well the last one threw my water bottle (OK it was store bought gator aid bottle - that's another story) and it skid behind me for 30 feet or so almost catching me while I came to a stop.

Speaking of speed bumps, I decided to hit the 10 mph bump I mentioned last week even faster today and did it at almost 12 mph, but paid for it. I forgot that it's a false plateau and the hill keeps going up. :( OUCH!
Ended the ride by going through the Apartment complex that corners Cary Pkwy and Chapel Hill road and then up hill the rest of the way back to SAS.

By the time I showered and got back to my office it was pouring outside. Great timing!!

- Moot

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  1. Almost forgot to mention the gaggle of geese that I road through. They were parked on both sides of the road and a few decided to cross just I was riding up. Of course it happened on a hill so they shot my momentum!