Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Its all relative

Still damn hot today but a great ride.

The peloton left SAS at 11:30 sharp as usual with about 15 members. Once on Weston the group from Bandwidth joined in and the comment was made, "they're getting as big as us." In fact they had about 10 riders today. The now much larger peloton made their way down Weston at a slower than normal pace, took the right onto Chapel Hill rd and then the left onto Morrisville-Carpenter.

That's when someone up front decided we were going too slow for a Wednesday in 92 degree weather. The speed increased dramatically and everyone fell into a single file line until we finally had to stop at the Davis Dr light. The light was quick however and cut off the back 3rd of the group. Then the unbelievable happened for this ride and the group actually held up for the rest to rejoin!!

A few more minutes and it was time for the group to split into the A and B route (30 and 20 miles). The B group was split again but ended up with 6 at the HighHouse intersection until 2 decided to go across High House and do an extra 4 mile loop. The 4 remaining headed toward Davis and couldn't agree on the route so 2 split to continue on High House and cut through Preston like normal while the others took a left for a more direct route.

Dwight and Keith made their way through Preston talking about the heat, lack of leg strength and the hills that were coming up. Since Dwight was used to being the 2nd or 3rd strongest rider in the B group, taking the lead on Morrisville Parkway was a new experience. Rather than playing catch-up on the long climb back to Chapel Hill road he got to set a high pace and dropped his companion, not seeing him again until cooling down in the gym. Will, who had taken the more "direct route" had actually been slowly catching up and finally caught Dwight as they turned onto Harrison for the last half mile into SAS.

So, Dwight finally got to drop someone, but then Will showed him that he's not really all that.

Great ride!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Heat is on

I was forced to run in the early AM today as the temp was going to be in mid-90's by lunch and 100 for the high.
Good run though. Used the Chatham road to the Greenway Loop for a 38 minute run. Took quite a while to cool off with all the humidity.

Tomorrow's ride will be interesting with another 95+ day.