Friday, July 31, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

Yep, the ride was HOT today. It was actually in the 80's but the humidty was in the 80's as well so it felt way hotter!

Great ride though!

I left with the SAS "pro team" and was able to hang on for almost half the ride. I dropped back right before we made the turn on "up chuck" and finally lost site of them by the time I got to Green Hope High. Luckily another rider dropped back as well and we rode the rest of the way together.

We took a slightly different route to what I normally ride back to SAS.
Came back on High House to Davis and then cut through the Preston neighborhood coming out on Morrisville Parkway (the road with the big up hill). At Chapel Hill road, rather than going back to Cary Pkwy like I normally do we went back to Weston and did the many climbs that it takes to get back to Harrison Ave and SAS.

Given the heat and hard start I think I did pretty well.

Ended up with about 20 miles and no "events" on the ride today.

- Dwight.

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