Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's Ride

Great ride to work today. My "long route" ended up being 12.5 miles with an average speed of 16.5. Not too bad with having a lot of traffic lights to deal with.

Took the route that had me crossing Davis Dr and circling back through Morrisville. Went past Green Hope High and saw the Drivers Ed. class in session. Glad they were in the parking lot and not on the road. :)

Then headed to Morrisville Carpenter and back to Davis. This was the part that made it a "long route".

Once on Davis there's a quick left to get onto Morrisville Pkwy which goes to Chapel Hill Rd.
I had a personal challenge to "speed" on one section of the road. Right before you get to the final climb up to Chapel Hill there is sign that says "Bump - 10 mph". It's actually a railroad track that's at the top of a steep hill. I decided to take it as a challenge and reached the summit at 11.2 mph! Of course the climb continues right after you cross the tracks so I paid for it a little.

Once reaching Chapel Hill Rd. I ended up inadvertently wasting a bit of time. I usually take a short cut through an apartment complex, but once I was in it they had the road blocked so I had to turn around and wait at a traffic light to turn left. So much for the short cut.

Once back on Chapel Hill Rd. it's a short distance to Cary Parkway and then a couple of miles to SAS and a quick shower. With all the rain last night the bike got pretty grimy so it'll need a shower tonight as well. :)

Overall the ride felt real good.

On a side note, I encountered quite a few polite drivers today. The best was a lady who was in the right turn lane at a traffic light in front of Cary Academy. She waited for me to see if I was turning right. (I was in the next lane going straight but real close to her lane) She actually pulled up beside me and asked if I needed to turn ahead of her. That was awesome. I made to sure to give her a big "Thank You" and let her by.

A summary of the week's rides and fund raising to follow.

Stay safe.


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