Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Three more weeks :(

Heard today that it will likely be 3 more weeks before my wrist is healed enough to handle the strain of cycling.  Good thing is that they want me out of the splint, using the wrist and doing exercises.  Hopefully it will heal faster now.  I've never been so impatient with an injury!

I'm still planning on doing the Victory Junction Camp Challenge Ride on September 8th!  I've jokingly told my sponsors that I might just be leading the kiddie ride around the parking lot, but I'll be there!  I know the 100K is out though, so I'll be either doing the 50K or the 25K depending on how I feel by the end of that week.

I had a new idea for fundraising and last week I sent out a post to my business owning friends to see if anyone was interested, but so far there are no takers.

Since that didn't seem to work out I started collecting for a "benefit yard sale".  The donated items are sold at my yard sale and proceeds will go to Victory Junction Camp in the donors name.  It'll involve a little record keeping on my part, but its worth it.

Keep your bike rubber-side down.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bone Chip :-(

Two weeks out post-crash and the wrist wan't any better than it was in day 3 so I decided to see a specialist.

After new X-rays and a lot of time sitting in a room with no wi-fi or 3G access (shouldn't every business have wi-fi by now), the doctor comes in to study the films.  After looking at them for a while and then testing my range of motion and looking at them again, he determines that I ended up with a chipped bone in my wrist.  He pointed out the irregular shape in the bone and a shadow of where it looks like the chip is located.  Of course he could have told me anything and I wouldn't have known any better but it made sense.

The net of it all is that I'm in a splint for a few weeks.  I REALLY need it to get "good enough" in two weeks so that I can train for the Victory Junction Camp Challenge !  Otherwise I'll have to downgrade my mileage to the 15 mile beginner's route or the kiddie lap around the camp.  :-)

Wrist x-ray.....The Radius (bigger bone) has a break horiz. across and then another break vert. up into the joint....like an upside down T. in Broken by Heidi Ohlson-Mooney
Not my actual X-ray.  They wanted to charge me $20 for a copy.