Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hot and Humid but mostly Humid

Decided to ride with the Thorns and Roses today. Since they typically do 30 miles on Sundays I did 10 miles before meeting up with them at Caribou Coffee on High House at 7:30.
It took a while to roll out, mainly due to the ride leader not being there. They'll post details of the ride later in the week on their blog so rather than go into it now, I'll let you check it out as detailed by the ride leaders.
In summary, we went out to Jordan Lake and back. There were two designated sprints, both of which I wasn't ready for. There's also a part of the ride that goes through a super hilly neighborhood. I've decided to own that one and be first up the last hill before we take a left and head back to Cary.

Great ride completing 41 miles total with an average speed of 17.2.

- Dwight.

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