Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 2 Summary of training for Jimmy V Ride

What a great week.

As I promised last week, I increased my mileage. The total, including the ride home from work later today, was 58 miles. There were a few interesting moments but overall a great week of riding. Feel free to read my earlier posts for more details.

The best part of the week however was what happened to my fund raising total. Since last Friday's post my percent to goal for the Jimmy V Ride for Cancer Research went from 34% to 70% as of noon today!!

Thank you to everyone who donated!!! Please continue to spread the word by passing a link to this blog or my fund raising page to anyone you think would be interested.

I still have a little ways to go so I'm making another plea to anyone who hasn't considered making a donation yet. This is a great cause and the process is extremely easy. A side benefit is that I won't ask for further donations once I reach my goal. :)

Please visit this site every week to get an update on the fund raising and my training for the ride.

- Dwight.

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