Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Its been way too long!

Or in Cajun, "mais long time no see yea!"

My long hiatus in blogging was partly due to laziness, too many other things on my mind and injury. Today's post is about the latter. I injured my ankle in November of last year jamming it in some strange way when just taking a step from the road to the curb.
In December we tried a steroid pack (5 day anti-inflammatory) and it brought it down from hurting all day to only hurting in the morning.

Of course now its the middle of March and the pain is exactly the same.

Yesterday I decided to ignore the Dr. and go for a short run (2 miles) at a slow pace.

This morning I woke up and the ankle feels better than ever! Still a little tight, but no pain!

I'm not sure that this would work for other ailments but at least now I can add running back to my exercise routine!