Sunday, August 9, 2009

No wrong turns but a Flat

That's right, this time I went the right way in my 16 mile solo ride before meeting up with the Thorns and Roses.

Last week I was running late because I couldn't find my gloves, well today I left on time and completely forgot the gloves! For the non-cyclists the gloves give you some padding so your hands don't go numb but for me the key is keeping my palms dry. With today's high humidity, it was a feat to keep from slipping off of the bars.

I made the solo ride in good time with no incidents. Didn't see any Big Game this week, but a "killer squirrel", did mount an attack. Luckily my quick reflexes avoided a sure disaster. :)

Due to leaving on time and no wrong turns I actually had a few minutes to rest and talk with the group before heading out again.

The group pulled out of Caribou's at about 7:35 and headed into Preston Woods before getting onto Carpenter Upchurch (aka. Up Chuck). That's where my flat hit. I couldn't find a hole so I'll just chalk it up to a bad tube. I'll check it later to make sure. Of course I need to hit the store for another backup before riding again.

I figured the change might take awhile without the "team car" so we had most of the riders continue on with 4 staying back to help me catch up after the tire change. As soon as we got back on the bikes Steve (Capt'n Carbon) makes the comment that I have to "pull" since it was my flat. So much for getting help in catching the group! Of course he was joking, a little, but I did most of the pulling anyway. After a few miles we caught the main group and were on our way again.

One thing I've learned in this group is that it's REALLY hard to win a sprint. Two of the guys are super fast, and probably weigh 50 lbs less than me, so I decided to be a "lead out man". That means I pick a friend and let him draft behind me while I go all out. Then as soon as the other sprinters get close he jumps out of the draft with fresher legs and hopefully wins the sprint. The sprints take a lot of effort, but they break up the ride nicely.

At Lake Jordan, the group spit up with the Roses going for a longer ride at a slower pace while the Thorns headed back home. At UpChuck we met up with the Cycling Spoken Here ride and 2 of the Thorns split off to do another 20 miles with them (that's why they are "Thorns". The last 3 of us stayed together until UpChuck T's at HighHouse and I split off for home.

All told, 2 water bottles, 1 Gatorade, 1 tire tube, 50.5 miles and a fun ride in the country side!

- Moot

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  1. There was a hole in the tire after all. I must have hit a sharp rock or piece of glass. Switched out the tire with the one on the front wheel of my old bike which is in great shape (the tire not the bike).