Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday SAS Pro Ride - and weekly Summary

Great ride today. Total of 24 miles with a good average speed. I was the only non-SAS Pro rider today (they have taken over what used to be an easier ride).

So, yes, they dropped me again, but it took them longer this week. :)

It seems like only last year, oh wait it was last year, that they would drop me within two miles.
Then I could make it to the end of Weston. Then this year I could get to the mid point of Morrisville Carpenter. Last week I almost made it to UpChuck.

Finally this week I got within sight of GreenHope high!!!

I might never be able to stay with them for the whole ride, I'd have to train a lot more, but it sure feels good to stretch it a little farther each week.

Weekly Summary:

Only road on Sunday and Friday this week for a total of about 74 miles. Will try to put in that 3rd day again this week.

On the fund raising front for the Jimmy V Foundation, it came to halt this week, but I haven't been advertising much either. Don't worry, I'll start bugging you again soon.

On a general cycling note, here is Chris Horner's update after missing out on the Tour de France but putting in an awesome effort in the Tour de l'Ain .

Also the viral Performance rap video .

Have a great weekend!!


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