Wednesday, August 19, 2009


No, that's not the combination to my locker. :)

The SAS Pro ride on Wednesday left the parking lot with 13 riders, gained 7 on Weston Blvd, then 6 of us opted for the short route and 1 got dropped (finally it wasn't me!!).

Great ride today and the "Friday" group finally showed up for a Wednesday ride which meant I had a few more semi-pro riders to keep me company.

Other than the heat, it was "too hot to stop", it was great ride. We kept a good pace the whole way with a few attacks to keep it interesting. Didn't notice any new bikes but we had a "shirt-less wonder" join in (shirts really should be required on group rides), and Mary "look at me I'm in Fortune magazine" was sporting a new set of wheels.

In the end logged 20 miles through Cary and Morrisville.


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