Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Long time no blog

Sorry about the absense, just working and living life more than blogging lately.

Just to get caught up I was able to ride and run last week but haven't been putting on the same number of miles. I'll need to pick it up toward the end of the month to make sure I don't have any problems on the Jimmy V ride. Speaking of which the fundraising has gone great, only need $40 to reach my goal. Thanks to everyone who has donated.

I plan on doing a solo lunch ride today, so please watch out for the guy in the white jersey on the black and white Fuji Team. :)

Don't have a good pic of me on the bike yet, so this stock image will have to suffice. I need to get someone to take an action shot so that I can use it on twitter / facebook / blogs etc.

The Fuji is still doing great by the way. Other than the rear tire wearing too fast there have been NO issues (somebody knock on wood). I was thinking about getting a different seat for the longer rides, but that might affect other things so I'll hold off for a while.

Everyone have a great rest of week.


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