Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bone Chip :-(

Two weeks out post-crash and the wrist wan't any better than it was in day 3 so I decided to see a specialist.

After new X-rays and a lot of time sitting in a room with no wi-fi or 3G access (shouldn't every business have wi-fi by now), the doctor comes in to study the films.  After looking at them for a while and then testing my range of motion and looking at them again, he determines that I ended up with a chipped bone in my wrist.  He pointed out the irregular shape in the bone and a shadow of where it looks like the chip is located.  Of course he could have told me anything and I wouldn't have known any better but it made sense.

The net of it all is that I'm in a splint for a few weeks.  I REALLY need it to get "good enough" in two weeks so that I can train for the Victory Junction Camp Challenge !  Otherwise I'll have to downgrade my mileage to the 15 mile beginner's route or the kiddie lap around the camp.  :-)

Wrist x-ray.....The Radius (bigger bone) has a break horiz. across and then another break vert. up into the an upside down T. in Broken by Heidi Ohlson-Mooney
Not my actual X-ray.  They wanted to charge me $20 for a copy.

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